Managing Online Risk’s Monthly Recap (June 2016) – Stories Relating to Online Security & Risk


Welcome to our monthly recap of stories relating to Online Security and Risk. This month’s stories cover many issues including: conversations business leaders need to have about security; digital patch kit against data leaks; is your social media hackable?; ransomware targeting Smart TVs; data security in the cloud; even Mark Zuckerberg got hacked; beyond backup for security; and more.

Have a safe, secure and fun 4th of July!

These are some of the articles, reports, posts, etc. that caught our attention this week. We originally send them out through our twitter account @DGOnlineSec, so follow us to get them as we find them. But many of them are such great resources we don’t want you to miss them, so we’ve decided to put them as a monthly recap. Some have links that will take you to their original sources, whether Lexology, PC Mag, SC Mag, NLR, and/or others. Others you need to go directly to our Twitter account to view. Enjoy and let us know some of the stories you’ve found interesting this week. Just share in the comments below.

  • Looking forward to this: Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World – Official Trailer
  • Conversations business leaders need to have about security
  • 9 Critical GDPR Questions Answered by 3 Data Privacy & Security Experts
  • Data security trends in business, law ‪ 
  • Digital patch kit: How to protect yourself from data leaks
  • A Storm Brews: Retailers Push Back Against Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • FTC closes 70 percent of data security investigations ‪ 
  • Legal Bits & Business Bytes Monthly Lunch-n-Learn ‪ 
  • BYOD can pose privacy risks to employees
  • Gartner’s top 10 security predictions
  • 5 Tips For Making Data Privacy Part Of The Company’s Culture
  • 5 data security questions smart city planners need to ask
  • 10 Data Security Mistakes Startups Can’t Afford to Make
  • Is Your Social Media Account Hackable? ‪ 
  • Executive Issues on Social Media
  • Recent changes to states’ data security laws | Lexology ‪ 
  • The Always-On Culture + Mobile Access = IT Nightmare?
  • 5 Steps To Securing Yourself From Online Identity Theft ‪ 
  • Views on Encryption, Data Security Portrayal in TV Shows From ‘Mr. Robot’ Writer ‪ 
  • Mobile ID At The 2016 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit
  • Beware, this ransomware is seeking to target your Smart TVs
  • What’s Your Move? The Big Consideration for Data Security
  • Internet Security, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiSpyware Quiz ‪ 
  • Attorney General offers summer tips for online safety and security
  • 5 Ways to Defuse Data Threat from Departing Employees – eSecurity Planet ‪ 
  • Negligence, not malice, the biggest threat to law firm data security
  • Legal Insider: New Social Media Policy for Security Clearance Investigations ‪ 
  • The Car Hacker’s Handbook digs into automotive data security ‪ 
  • Biggest Attacks Of 2016 (So Far)
  • 7 Data Classification Tips
  • When An Employee Leaves Your Agency, Make Sure Your Data Doesn’t
  • A Russian Cybersleuth Battles the ‘Dark Ages’ of the Internet
  • 10 Ways to Protect Social Media Passwords From Hackers
  • Facebook Messenger flaw revealed – CSO ‪ 
  • Data Security and the Insider Threat | Lexology ‪ 
  • Managing Online Risk’s Monthly Recap (May 2016) – Stories Relating to Online Security & Risk
  • 100 million social media accounts hacked, up for sale on dark web marketplace ‪ 
  • Even ‘Dead’ Social Media Sites Are a Gold Mine for Hackers ‪ 
  • Cloudy Skies — Data Security in the Cloud [Infographic] ‪ 
  • 4 Must-Follow Steps for Storing Client Data ‪ 
  • Even Mark Zuckerberg Got Hacked: Here’s a Basic Internet Security Mistake to Avoid
  • Law2sm’s Monthly Recap 06/01/16 – Stories Relating to Social Media & the Law ‪ 
  • Biometrics technology is reshaping the landscape of the security industry ‪ 
  • National Security in a Data Age ‪ 
  • Why legal departments begrudge the cloud
  • Obama Administration Releases Final Data Security Policy Principles & Framework ‪ 
  • The Art of Intelligent Deception in Cyber Security ‪ 
  • How to Protect Your Small Business as Cybersecurity Threats Rise
  • How to delete your smartphone data securely before selling your device
  • Millennials & Mobile Payments: What is the Price of Convenience?
  • Myth 8: data privacy & security law compliance is the provider’s responsibility ‪ 
  • 4 Effective Data Security Tips for Small Business ‪ 
  • Can 2FA and biometric security be adopted for verification
  • The CSO 2016 Security Data Analytics Survival Guide
  • Security concerns rising for Internet of Things devices
  • Laws Governing Data Security and Privacy – U.S. Jurisdictions at a Glance 2016
  • Going out of business: An important, but forgotten security precaution
  • Beyond Backup: The Role of Security and Privacy in Data Protection ‪ 

Data security is the most significant risk facing in-house counsel today ‪ 

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