Managing Online Risk Chapter 8 Questions

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These questions are to help you apply some of the concepts, best practices, and lessons learned from the content in each chapter. You can use them in individual reflection, or present them to your security team for group feedback and discussion.

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Currency and Campaigns

Does your company provide online financial services or banking services?

  1. Does your company accept crypto-currency (i.e. Bitcoins, or others) for payment?
  2. What security controls are in place to protect these online financial transactions?
  3. Does your company use crowd funding, micro-lending, or other online fundraising mechanism? What security controls have been implemented to secure these transactions?
  4. Does your company get involved with online advocacy?
  5. Has your company been a target of hacktivism? What controls are in place to prevent it?
  6. Does your company do any politically-related activity online?
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