Managing Online Risk Chapter 8 Add. Resources

Businesswomen Balancing Over Money

Currency and Campaigns

These are resources are to help you apply some of the concepts, best practices, and lessons learned from the content in each chapter. Most of them are in addition to what are already listed in the book and serve to complement the highlighted resources in the chapters. Post in the comments others that you would recommend.

  1. Interpol: Counterfeit currency and security documents
  2. American Banker: The Fine Art of Making Digital Currency Secure Video (Aug. 2014)
  3. Wired: Flaw in New ‘Secure’ Credit Cards Would Let Hackers Steal $1M Per Card (Nov. 2014)
  4. Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet
  5. Terrorists on Twitter (June 2014)
  6. Hacktivism: Means and Motivations and What Else?
  7. Political Campaigns Targeting You Online (Nov. 2014)
  8. IRS Guidance on Bitcoins and Crypto-currency
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