Managing Online Risk Chapter 6 Questions


These questions are to help you apply some of the concepts, best practices, and lessons learned from the content in each chapter. You can use them in individual reflection, or present them to your security team for group feedback and discussion.

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Approaches to Content

  1. Who is in charge of online content management for your company?
  2. Who is in charge of monitoring your company’s intellectual property rights? Have they done an online IP rights search to check for unauthorized accounts and/or unauthorized use of the company’s IP assets (i.e. logo, photos).
  3. Who is responsible in your company to monitor for false online statements against your company or posted by an employee and/or affiliate of your company?
  4. Does your company have Errors and Omissions Insurance and does it protect against online/digital activity or IP violations?
  5. Share your insights from Chapter 6 with your content and legal departments.
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