Book: Online Security for The Business Traveler

WC_IntroTravel is considered one of the mandates of the executive suite.  Whether going to conferences, internal sales meetings, external client visits, travel always includes an element of risk.  But today’s high-paced executives are also high-tech enabled.  When they travel they travel with their smartphones, tables, laptops, powerbooks, health sensors, Google Glass, and more.  These new technologies bring along new risks.

Each of these devices offer productivity and efficiency through enhanced mobility and access to important documents and resources via applications and programs specifically designed to assist these executives in managing their complex and multi-leveled strategic goals. But these devices and apps can also become the weak link in security leading to breaches of data and putting the executive and his firm in danger of material, financial, legal, and physical loss.

This book provides an overview of this mainly overlooked problem, explores some examples and cases highlighting specific security issues, and offers some practical advice on what to do differently to ensure your security while you travel and continue to engage on online activity.


  • Chapter 1: To Travel or Not (Digital Alternatives)
  • Chapter 2: Planning, Logistics & Security
  • Chapter 3: Pre-Departure & Departure
  • Chapter 4: Arrival and Duration (in Destination)
  • Chapter 5: Return to Home Base

Highlights include:

  • Security & Risk Management Travel Checklists
  • Best Practices for Safety & Data Protection
  • Apps for Travel Security & Productivity
  • Special Apps for Women Travelers
  • And more

Title: Online Security for the Business Traveler

Author: Deborah Gonzalez

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinenman

Available: September 1, 2014

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