Introducing the Internet of Unintended Consequences

Our Mission

To provide an online resource for understanding and dealing with the changes, for better and worse, that the Internet and technology are bringing to how we live, work, play, and think.


Deborah Gonzalez, an attorney specializing in new media law, and Tom Oder, a journalist and winner of a national award in new media innovation.

Our Name

Because in Web-speak “The Internet of Unintended Consequences” is almost as long as a Russian novel from another era, you’ll get to know us by the acronym TIOUC. We pronounce that as “Ciao”, which is Italian and can mean either “hello” or “goodbye.” So, hello! We are here to help you, especially if you are of a “certain age”, deal with how the Internet is impacting your life in ways that never seemed possible when Al Gore (or who ever!) invented the Internet. And in the true spirit of the Web, which seemingly will know no end, we don’t ever expect to say goodbye. Long after we are gone, we’ll make sure someone is here to keep this discussion going!

Our Motto

Who knew! Indeed. Who knew that when the Internet was email and little more that it would change the world in the same ways of Guttenberg and the printing press, of Columbus when he got lost at sea and discovered a “new World”, or the Wright brothers when they took mankind’s first “sustained” flight on a beach in North Carolina?

Our Services

  1. Researched, high-quality written blogs.
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