About Managing Online Risk

Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile, and Social Media Security (MOR) is a definitive resource that provides an overview of the risk mitigation strategies, solutions, and best practices to address risk, liability, and security concerns arising from corporate online and digital activity.

An interesting structure of this book is that it is based on content aggregation, seeking out the most recent information on the topics and integrating the best of them within the book itself. I took a “curation of content” approach to find the most up to date, interesting, and credible sources on the issues I discuss in the book. Again, because of the speed of change in the online technology and security area some of these sources may end up contradicting themselves as technology and events evolve.  To ensure everyone receives the credit they deserve for their work Creative Commons Licenses, the Fair Use Doctrine and traditional copyright permissions are relied on to allow the reader to have the most up-to-date analysis of the trends occurring in online and digital security and risk management.

This book presents readers with tools and resources to better understand the security and reputational risks of online and digital activity, as well as tools and resources to mitigate those risks and minimize potential loss for their companies. These tools and resources include case studies; industry and expert profiles; lessons learned; overview of relevant laws, regulations, and professional guidelines by industry; sample policies, disclaimers and online community guidelines; and more.

In addition, in a first-of-its-kind, digital integration, this book has a companion website (www.mangingonlinerisk.com) that was developed in parallel with the book, offering the latest updates and resources for the issues we discuss. So, as online and digital security and risk management continuously evolve, you will find this website to be an invaluable tool to ensure skills and knowledge are kept up to date with the latest environmental and technology changes. The book gives the foundations, the website provides the nuances based on what is happening now. Use both to reap optimal benefits of the information.

This book contains ten chapters focusing on particular areas of security and risk management concern in the digital and online environment. Since technology is all about connectivity, you will see that many of the issues discussed overlap and do not just fit in their designated chapter. However, each chapter was written to stand alone and still be comprehensive enough to offer strategic insight for that particular concern, so you as the reader can read the book sequentially or by chapter-topic interest.

The Chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Risk Management Digital Style
  • Chapter 2: Internal and External Risks
  • Chapter 3: Reputation and Identity
  • Chapter 4: The New Workforce
  • Chapter 5: Big Data
  • Chapter 6: Approaches to Content
  • Chapter 7: Compliance
  • Chapter 8: Currency and Campaigns
  • Chapter 9: Digital Succession
  • Chapter 10: The Future of Online Security

Blog entries on this website are categorized by Chapter number and heading (exactly as listed above) so you can easily sort and get to all the updates relevant to the particular topic you are seeking.

The book begins with defining risk management and security in the context of the digital environment. Are they different because of this new context or have they just been expanded?